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The spectral caller eerily rasped past twenty paces ahead, and Xornn watched from behind the fallen pillar.  The vegetation of Trakanon's Teeth was clinging, leaving a humidity to the air matched only by the audible chirping of the countless insects serenading their cries to the night.  Unnoticed by the unholy patrol, the high elf waited patiently for the way to clear.

Well, patience wasn't always one of the old enchanter's virtues.

Mentally dominated and well on it's way to attacking the camp it came from, Xornn pressed ahead, into a building with a deep ramp into the earth--or what was left of a building.  Deep below, there Xornn found a glowing black and red speckled orb, humming with a toxic power.  Withdrawing the organic key his travels had recently procured him, he touched the key to the globe with some trepidation.

"We need you in our group, now!"

Welcome, old enchanter, to the ruins of Sebilis.

From the 13th Circle on, your spells are going to be upgrades upon old versions; some will be staggering improvements, others will be interesting trinkets.  A few you won't be able to comprehend how you did the first 50ish levels without it.


Collaboration - Upgrade to Benevolence, way back from the 6th Circle.   This one increases your faction by 300 "units".  I don't actually know how much a unit is in terms of slipping from say Threatening to Dubious, but it does just that in a place like Velketor's Labyrinth, where this spell can make you completely non-KoS.

Everlasting Breath - This is the upgrade to Enduring Breath from Luclin.  The only difference is no material component is required to cast this version.  Rumored to drop in The Deep.

Levitation - Luclin upgrade to Levitate, same effect, but does not require a material component to cast.  Drops from the bandits in Fungus Grove.

Theft of Thought - I mentioned one of those spells you can't imagine not having... this is one of them.  25 mana per cast, which you target a caster with.   2 seconds later you will have 346 mana (51st) to 400 mana (60th) from your target.   Wandering Mind move over, there's a new mana tap in town.  The recast, 2 minutes--which is a pain, but when you've got a lot of mezzing to do, regaining 20% of your mana bar every two minutes is really nice.  If your group won't leave a caster mob till the last kill of a multiple pull, train them, it's just free mana waiting for you.  Now, in addition to this, there's a handy little trick you can use when you find yourself low on mana (and needing it badly) with no casters around.  /duel someone in your group, whichever you like.  You will no longer be able to buff them, but you can both /camp when death is not imminent.  You can cast Theft of Thought on anyone you're dueling, and even if they don't have mana, it will still tap them.  They will also fall victim to PB stuns, AoE Mezzing, and any mistarget casts you have, so take care.  Still, when you have 10% mana and you're going to lose control of the fight, that monk over there is a limitless source of mana just begging to be tapped.

Wake of Tranquility - Only seems proper to pair a pretty trinket with an amazing spell like Theft of Thought.  WoT is just an AoE version of the Lull series.  By this point of your career, you realize that Lull only belongs in the occasional no-xp very low green camps when farming loot.  Wake of Tranquility has the same horrid resist rates, just allows you to lull a whole room at once instead of needing several casts.

Buffs-Solo - I've gotten to where I keep a set lineup of buffs going, modified again by my changes in play style.  When solo, I always have Clarity and Arch Shielding up.  Augmentation and Shadow don't see much use from me anymore, but I'm not saying you shouldn't buff them.  I just find them another nagging buff I'm not in the mood to cast usually.  I usually won't even buff Brilliance and Adorning Grace.  Basically, I'm lazy, and those two spells are drastic buffs, the rest are just helpful.

Buffs-Group - Once I get into a group things change.  Clarity on everyone with mana, Swift Like the Wind on all melee classes, Group Resist Magic on the whole shebang, and I keep Clarity, Arch Shielding, Group Resist Magic, Brilliance, Adorning Grace, and at least Rune III, sometimes even IV.  When in group it's a whole different ballgame, and I'm nickel and diming for every edge I can get.  It took a long time to decide, but I think it's about responsibility.  If I want to skimp on my buffs while soloing, that's me that suffers the consequences--but if I'm not in the mood to put a wisdom buff on the druid, I'm skimming them by not doing my job--even if I may think they don't need it.

Group-Dungeon - Theft of Thought causes a massive change in play style, as it becomes simply imperative to have a caster alive during fights as long as possible.  This also means figuring out what spell slot to dump in exchange for ToT, which can't be unmemmed all the time.  My lineup is typically Mesmerizaion, Color Skew, Color Shift, Root, Dazzle, Theft of Thought, Tashania, and Swap Slot, which will typically contain Shiftless Deeds (if I have to slow) or a charm, both spells I can quickly memorize when the need arises.

The big thing about 51 and on is the dramatically higher experience requirements; 51 to 53 are hell levels (compared to 50), 54 to 58 are hell compared to 53, and 59 is hell compared to 58.  Oddly enough, 60th level needs about the same experience to "complete" (filling the xp bar) as 53 does.  You are now an Illusionist, a master of your profession--so shine with your talent, and lead the group to victory.