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A swirling breeze of calm and serenity overwhelmed Xornn as new mana flooded his mind.  The cleric's meditations visibly relaxed as the spell floated over him, and the high elf returned to the fight at hand.  A flooding wash of glamour pulled hungrily at his mana reserves, but was necessary to hold the massive juggernaught at bay while the party battled another.  Xornn felt his shielding wane, and quickly began the long spell of renewal as another juggernaught raced in from behind the party!

Interrupting his casting and cascading a glamour into the new opponent the old enchanter called out, "Warriors!  Hasten your fight, my hold is strong, not invincible!"

As he renewed the glamour on the first juggernaught, Xornn felt the end of his mana approaching, but quickly drained the fungus priest dazzled behind him.  This was still a losing situation.

Welcome to the most pivotal post-50 level, as you finally gain access to Clarity II.   You felt the desire of Breeze, and the rushing demand for Clarity.  Now you will wonder how you ever enjoyed enchanting without Clarity II.  54th is also the first "double-hell" level.  You will now level at roughly half the speed of a 51-53 character.  This will continue through 58, and at 59... well let's worry about 54, shall we?


Clarity II - The final upgrade in the mana regen series, and the qualifier to get you on any raid that takes place.  115 mana to cast, 35 minute duration, and grants 11 mana/tic regen!  There's really nothing else to say about this spell--it's a must have at all times.

Dementia - Final upgrade in the nuke series, 250 mana, 6 second casting time, and the traditional 8 second recast.  This spell will start out at 615 damage, and cap at 675.  Not a huge upgrade over Discordant Mind, but when you're in need of just nuking something, this is a nice way to put it down.

Glamour of Kintaz - A new mez line that allows you to mez some targets that cannot be mezzed with Dazzle and before.  Even when Dazzle will work, you may wish to used GoK instead; 275 whopping mana, 2.5 second casting time, and no recast delay.   This nets you a 30 second mez effect, cast as though you're two levels higher (starting out as a 56 cast), and slightly less resistant than a 56 enchanter's Dazzle.   While this is a huge mana investment to keep going, when there's a sebilite juggernaught pounding on your party, GoK is often the way to go.  In places like Chardok there are mobs that can only be mezzed with GoK or it's father spell, Rapture.  Much like the "switchover" tactic with AE Mezzing, you may find that GoK chased with Tashania and Root is a good tactic to spare your mana the brunt of this drain.  Remember, for 100 more mana than Dazzle, you're getting 1/3 of the duration.  Still this is a fantastic spell for stopping I high-powered mob from crushing your party.  In situations where a resist means death, GoK is a good idea.

Shield of the Magi - Final upgrade in the self-shielding line.   Grants 250 HP, 32 Raw AC, and ?? MR.  With a 12 second casting time, be glad you only have to renew it every 90 minutes.  Should be up all the time, unless there is no chance you need to resist magic, and a shaman can talisman you then (don't stack).

Buffs-Solo - I myself run with Clarity II, Shield of the Magi, and JourneymanBoots (if you don't have JBoots yet, go get them).  When charming, tack on Ardorning Grace, if I need MR Group Resist Magic goes on.

Buffs-Group - C2 all mana users, AQ on the melees, GRM on the group.   Shield of the Magi, Adorning Grace and Brilliance on myself, Brilliance/Insight/Gift of Magic passed out to those that request it.

Tactics Changes

Solo - A few things you will discover (if you haven't already) about soloing:  Your animation is just too weak to take down an XP mob, outside of Kamikaze-Stun, which is a massive investment of time and mana at this point.  Charm soloing is getting very dangerous, as the difference between a recharmed ex-pet and a greasy enchanter goo on the wall is sometimes just a particularly well-timed bash.   Better break out the platinum and start using Rune V if you aren't already for charm soloing.  Mez-Kiting is a forgotten art by now... because of the investment in time and mana--we just aren't efficient enough to drop these colosally big mobs.   Honestly Charm-Solo is the only really viable option anymore, though there are xp mobs out there Mr. Kamikaze can still drop.  They just aren't the norm anymore.

Group - New mana regen, new high-powered mez, new self-shield... it's a great time to be grouping, and with C2 you're going to get invited pretty much anywhere.   The only advice I offer is to recognize your limits--there are places where you are going to have a very hard time controlling the crowds, but you're there because of the buffs you bring to the party.  GoK is your friend, despite the mana cost.

The 17th Circle is my current home as of this writing, though hopefully that will change in the very near future.  I wish you all the best of luck, and tell you this--you're almost a Beguiler, and despite what higher enchanters may tell you about the enjoyment of 55+, don't listen to them--find out for yourself.  There's more to EQ than just raiding and buffing--and that's something you have to see for yourself.   Spending a night in Chardok is far from boring--ever.