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One short, swift stroke, bereft of sympathy, was all the signaled the fall of the raiding troop's scout.  The iksar fell slowly to the ground, his scaled hide parted from shoulder to waist in a diagonal across his back, as multiple gouts of crimson liquor sprayed a globbily trail in the air to mark his path to the rocky tunnel floor.  A dull thump, decidedly wet by the sound, left a muted haze of silence over the astonished raiders, despite the high pitched dragon shrieks of the sarnak towering over the monk's corpse.

Down the long hallway the monk had run in from, the shriek carried well, losing no volume or girth in it's rolling gait down the hallway.  Soon the cries of battle began to sound through the entire complex deep inside Chardok, followed by mystical warning claxxons blearing on, warning of intruders at the front gates.  Soon the battle would begin in force.

Xornn looked wearily at Amaeranth beside him.  She looked at least as tired as Xornn felt, and she was better at hiding it--so the high elf knew he must look fairly haggard.  The concern on her face was a mirror to his pondering, and left no doubt how bad he looked.  The raid was going well, but the toll was being lain on the enchanters as they repeated stopped wave after damnable wave of oncoming dragon-men.

"Vengeance!" cried out one of the warlords, and the raid as one consumed the sarnak and the two unfortunates which came in time to die in their unleashed fury.

New resolve washed through Xornn, as the warriors vows of death were soon reinforced by powerful sword strokes and hellish wizard fire permeating the air.  Amaeranth helped another enchantress to her feet and the three looked solemnly amongst themselves.  Xornn finally spoke, "Let's finish this then, the royal family dies tonight."

They all nodded, and turned as one to face the oncoming rush of twenty more dragon-men.

Most enchanters will tell you that 56 was worse than both 55 and 57 were.  My guess is because you're taking a larger cut of the experience by 57, the xp movement is becoming more visible.  Honestly though, be proud to be this far, and know that you're over halfway to being a Phantasmist.  (Though opinions on that will very, considering how bad 59th is.)  No real spectacular spell additions at this level, primarily you've just inched closer to finishing the leveling runs.  You've probably made a ton of associates by now, if not very close friends, and seen and done just about everything in the game.  If you haven't, get out there and see what you missed in the drive to level.


Augment - Augmentation II essentially, and long-awaited.  Unfortunately, the effects really don't stack up enough to make it a choice versus Aanya's Quickening.  45% haste, 35 AGI, 18 raw AC, and increased stamina regen.  dropping off 19% haste just isn't worth the AC and AGI from this spell.  So it's really more of a collector's item in reality, save a few encounters (like Kedge Keep) where you want a solid haste + stamina regen, or in situations where you must haste a ridiculous amount of people, because the mana cost is half that of AQ.  Casts in 5 seconds, 135 mana, lasts 36 minutes.

Horrifying Visage - This is a single target spell new with Luclin; it's apparent effect when cast on someone is to cause every strike after it lands to generate extra aggro.  Exact percentages are still in speculation at the moment, and I'll wait until I'm more confident in the numbers to say exactly.  This is the upgrade to Haunting Visage from the 8th Circle.  The spell has a 36 second recast delay, so you need to have it memmed slightly in advance to needing it, takes 200 mana in 2 seconds, and causes heightened aggro for 18 seconds afterward.

Overwhelming Splendor - Last CHA buff received, this one is a whopping 50 CHA!  By now it's probably become apparent that anything you're able to actually land mez on is very blue to you.  This means that the mobs will almost always be at or around their resist floor, before CHA is even a factor.  This buff allows you to focus on INT (for more mana) even more greatly, as most enchanters will have enough "incidental" CHA raises that this will take them near to or over CHA at 56+.  By this level HP gear is usually a better choice over CHA, but a 50 point buff never hurt anyone.  175 mana, 5 second casting time.

Torment of Argli - An interesting, and basically new spell line.  This spell causes the targets Intelligence and Wisdom to drop by 21 points, as well as drain away 560 HP in 20 tics (28/tic).  Also over the course of that 2 minutes, the target loses 35 mana per tic!  This DOT stacks with our DD/DOT/Debuff line, and is excellent for draining away mana faster from caster mobs that are prone to CHeal and Gate on you.  The spell drains 150 mana in a 2.5 second casting time, and carries a 10 second recast.  Definitely a great spell against a caster, combined with Mana Sieve and Theft of Thought, and even Wandering Mind, that's a lot of mana drain for the enchanter!

Trepidation - Final fear spell in the line, this one costs 200 mana (double that of Invoke Fear), lasts a maximum of 36 seconds (6 seconds less than Invoke Fear), and carries a 2.5 second cast time, with 7 second recast.  The benefit of this spell?  Less resistant, as though Tashan was being cast on the mob already.  Worth picking up, though you won't be fearing a terrible amount these days.

Buffs-Solo - Clarity II, Gift of Insight, Shield of the Magi, Brilliance, and Overwhelming Splendor.  If you intend to stay alive for very long, I suggest stocking up on Rune Vs.  Animation solo is a rarity involving caster spawns you might find or other extremely low hit point mobs, and charm solo is about the only route that works with efficiency.  If charm solo wasn't dangerous enough last level, the mobs that give you xp now hit even harder, faster, and have greater hit points.  Have fun.  :)

Buffs-Group - Horrifying Visage is a new addition to group enchanting, and I will only say that if you find you need to use this on a tank to keep aggro on them, they should not be your lead tank.  This spell is more of a raiding application to help keep a mob sticking to your main assist target, not for xp-grinding.  Outside of that, no changes to group buffing.

Tactics Changes

Don't forget about Torment of Argli's mana drain potential (the best use of the spell), especially in raiding scenarios, but otherwise very little will change for you

There are no words of advice to you now, Beguilers.  You have journeyed much too far to need help knowing how to level, or words of encouragement that I believe you will become a Phantasmist.  You know, yourself, if that will be a goal you strive to complete from here--and either way you decide, you will have chosen the right path, your own.

But I'll offer my encouragement anyway, because I can.