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Rhedd inhaled softly, catching a wafting overtone of charcoal and smoke which seemed to permeate the air around her.  Shifting her weight to the other foot, she knelt down and began to reach out with her senses into the hills before her, littered with standing and fallen trees abound.  There was a crackling far behind her to the south, no doubt another fire still burning from the frequent meteor showers in the wood, but all of those sounds began to mute as she selectively stopped paying attention to each one.  Finally there was only one voice, one sent, one sense in the area, and she knew where is was.

The sound of a familiar voice broke her trance.  "Perhaps," said her tall husband, "the rumors of him being here were exaggerated."  Xornn was looking up into the hills, and Rhedd could tell he was accomplishing little more than thinking louder.  With a bit of annoyance, she huffed and stood back up, crunching her fists into her waist demurely.

"I have an idea, husband," she said coyly, "you track Jeb, and I'll give him the notes the two of you have gathered."

If a cough cough sound like a laugh, then the dark elf behind Xornn made that noise perfectly as he turned away from the perturbed fier`dal.  Halcion began to look for something to do in the middle of a burning wood, and finally propped one foot up onto a smoking, blackened stump that met it's demise in the most recent shower of falling meteors--and began to massage the back of his ankle, with his back to the couple.  He could feel Xornn's gaze boring a whole into his backside, but his old master would not find ammo to throw at his wife in him.  Resigned, he turned back to face the scorn of his chosen.

"Xornn Mier`noen.  Are you... anxious!?  Wait until the others hear about this!" she nipped him on the cheek with a little kiss, and smiled up at his reddening face.  "Now don't get upset, my love--emotion is a curse even you are afflicted with.  Jeb is up on that mountain to the west.  I felt him."

"Great!" said Halcion louder than intended, and took leave to scale the mountain as fast as possible, leaving Xornn to face his wife alone.

You get one pivotal change this level, and that's a larger cut of the experience in groups--which means the leveling won't actually feel as bad as it has.  Enjoy that while it lasts, because at 59th you'll forget what it means to get experience.  Not a good level for spells or tactics changes really, just moving a step closer to finishing the journey.


Enlightenment - Final spell in the Insight/Brilliance line, this one buffs both INT & WIS by 21 each.  At 60 minutes duration for 200 mana, this spell is a good investment over the long haul to keep your max mana pool high.  Still, consider this a very secondary buff in situations where the blue stuff is looking skimpy, because you have to hit full mana to gain much from this spell.

Forlorn Deeds - Final spell in the Attack Slow line, this one will max out at a 70% slow, for 225 mana (only 25 mana more than Shiftless Deeds).  Same 6 second cast time, and a bit better chance of landing, but not an entirely mandatory spell.  Still this spell is worth using over Shiftless Deeds without a doubt, just hard to obtain and very expensive to buy.

Tashanian - Final single target MR Debuff, now 40 mana, 1 second cast still, and a 39 point drop to MR.  Still not the best MR drop we get, but very close.

Umbra - Last of the targeted AC Buff, this one is 80 mana for a 23 raw AC buff, lasting for 99 minutes.  Our AC buff has seen little use in the post 50 days, but can be used in a pinch for some extra AC much cheaper than the cleric could offer.

Buffs-Solo - Enlightenment replaces Brilliance, and if you're soloing and not lazy like me, you should probably buff Umbra for good measure.  Of course, I am too lazy to do that anymore.

Buffs-Group - The addition of Enlightenment and it's longer duration are a nice change, but outside of that nothing new.

Tactics Changes

Group-Tactics - Slip Tashanian and Forlorn Deeds into the mix now, and enjoy your lowered resist rates.  Remember that slim margin of error you've watched shrink from about the 8th Circle and on?  Well it's widening again.  These last levels, you can actually get away with sloppier enchanting because of your level--isn't that a welcome relief?

Keep on plugging away everyone, you're almost there (59th).  I won't root anyone past that wall, because that's like playing 54 to 58 a second time.  See you next level!