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Drekaar smiled.  A smile of knowing, of power, of destiny... of evil.

The orc beside him--his slave--was the first in a long line to be charmed.  It was time to get started in moving along Innoruuk's rites of Hate.

Welcome to 12th level.  You've done well and truly proven your commitment to Enchanting at this point.  You have come very close to obtaining all of your spell lines now.  This is also the last Circle you before you must begin the task of Research, so enjoy the following spells...

Bind Affinity - Sets new bind point for target group member.    You can bind yourself virtually anywhere (save places like Timorous Deep), and anyone else in "city zones" such as Freeport, Highhold, Qeynos, The Arena, etcetras.

Charm - Here it is.  The big dog.   When you cast this, the target mob (max level 25) becomes your pet to command.  NPC mobs hit much harder, have more hitpoints, and basically outweigh all PC pets in every way.  If two mobs fight (one as your pet) and you slow the enemy, your pet should win the fight, though almost dead.  Then you kill your pet for full experience.  No class can touch our adaptiveness in soloing with this method, and few will encounter the excitement.   Dropping double-blues with little mana use and your full attention requires is a real rush.  It's also extremely hazardous.  While at a point and time I felt that Charisma was the end all be all of charming, my ways have changed, and Drekaar solos charm style with 85 Charisma.

Choke - The next in our line of DOTs.   The DD caps at 20 by 16th; the Debuff is -10STR&AGI by 18th, and the DOT inflicts 12 damage every tic for 30 seconds (60 damage).  This spell completes the duration in 36 seconds, netting 80 damage and some minor debuffing, as AGI decreases lower AC of targets.    Fights at this level are just starting to take 30 seconds, so this spell will do usually still do it's full effect.  However, I often found that my primary debuff was a much better investment as at this point, and I'll cover that later.  Our DOT stacks with Druids, but not with some Necromancer DOTs (their debuffing line).  If you know the fight will last long enough for your DOT to do full effect, it is much more efficient than nuking--such as a Snare-Kite or Reverse-Kite situation with a druid--but if the DOT will not expire before the mob dies, don't bother wasting your mana on DOTs when a nuke will be just as mana-efficient.  As one of the weakest damage-output class in the game, you really have to squeeze every last point of damage from your mana.

Ebbing Strength - Targetted STR debuff -25STR by 20th.  As stated previously, even landing a full debuff spread in the higher levels only drops the damage your party takes by up to 35% or so.  Our best debuff line we get (mentioned further down) will achieve the same effect as our current debuff spread with only one spell, as opposed to two or three casts, higher chance of aggroing the mob, and not landing all of them till the fight is half-over anyway.  This spells sits tucked neatly in the back of my spells now--only to occasionally surface for a duel.

Enduring Breath - Target needs no air for 27 minutes.    Spell regent is 1 Fish Scale.  Useful if you spend a good amount of time underwater.  I cast it once and awhile, but more of a utility spell.

Illusion: Dark Elf - You can get into Neriak, Grobb and Oggok now... time to rejoice!  This will allow you to complete the Stein of Moggok quest now (covered later) as a decent source of income, as well as grant you access to the Neriak Library in Neriak--Third Gate, and gives you ultravision!

Illusion: Erudite - Turns you into the tall, dark-skinned High Men.  No special vision, and only useful for faction adjustment, really.   Because they can be enchanters your equipment will still show up.

Illusion: Halfling - Turns you into the wee-folk.  Looks cute, and I like it in Rivervale so I don't have to duck to get in doors.  This is one of the illusions only found in Erudin (possibly Neriak).

Illusion: High Elf - As I'm a high elf, I was accused of being weird for buying this one.  Hey... I like having all the spells.   Besides... it's funny to cast Illusion: High Elf when someone is trying to figure out what race you really are.

Intellectual Advancement - This simple buff will treat you as 3 levels higher when checking to see if you fizzle a spell.  At first I thought this was a rather pointless effect, till I thought of spells in the Evocation family we just don't use that much (some enchanters, anyway).  Still, this is not a make or break spell to have.

Kilan's Animation - The next pet, now an axe and shield!   Uses only 1 Tiny Dagger again, and is actually a rather impressive pet.   You're getting to the point that you should /con your pets to make sure you have a good one--Reclaim Energy will actually see some use here.  Now you will see the animation hitting for 12 to 16 damage at most, bashing, plus getting in the occasional double attack--and its hits are considered magical!  Truly our pets start turning into damage machines at this Circle.

Languid Pace - This is the greatest debuff line we get--Tashan line excepted--as it slows the target's attack speed down.  At 50 mana this may seem really expensive at this level, but I assure you it's not.    Casting Ebbing Strength and Choke is 85 mana, and will lower the damage the mobs inflict about the same amount, after both spells have landed.  Languid Pace increases the mob's attack delay by 18% at level 12, capping at 30% by level 60, though by level 23 (the last level before the upgrade spell) you can expect a 24% increase to attack delay.   This translates to a 3 second attack tic becoming 3.72 seconds!   In other words, a mob that would take 20 swings at your pet in 60 seconds will now take only 16 swings!  That means with one cast, 20% of the mob's damage is stopped.    This debuff line will make your pet last much longer in solo, make your party take less damage from the very beginning of the fight, and even buy you time to cast in between mob attacks.  I cannot compliment this spell enough--learn to love it, because this spell is going to see a lot of use in the future.

Memory Blur - What an amazing spell this is.     This spell has a ton of uses such as:  preventing a killsteal (Memblur - Nuke), powerleveling (Memblur almost dead mob - they finish it), outracing your pet for damage (Memblur - Nuke), saving people from a mob chasing them (memblur period), stopping a fight you want out of, such as when your pet dies (Mez - Memblur).   However, it's a matter of abandoning fights that memblurs apply to.   If you still plan to kill the mob, then mezzing and root are the tools to try.   (Such as getting a mob off a healer or yourself.)

Mist - Upgrade to our targetted AC buff--capping at +8AC by 16th.

Serpent Sight - Gives your target Infravision (finally allowing Erudite enchanters to stop using illusions to see), and often cheers that human monk in the group up.  Usefull utility spell.

Thicken Mana - Used to make Viscious Mana, required for Wu's Fighting Gauntlets.  I know of no other use for this spell, and it's difficult getting the spell from Lesser Faedark at the Brownie city.  You can use Alliance to get yourself non-KOS to the brownies then Minor Illusion once inside to gain access to the merchants.

Whirl Till You Hurl - As mentioned in spell lines, this is a post-nerf spell, which has been nearly ruined.  It has some use in pulling a caster to keep it from opening with a nuke (as they won't cast if you run out of range before WTYH wears off or get out of LoS.  Collector's spell really.

From this point on, rather than telling you what and where you should fight, or what spells to pick up, I'm going to only explain the changes to our various levelling strategies.

Kamikaze-Solo - Now that you have Languid Pace, the battle is really going to change.  You should have Mist/Lesser Shielding, and pet should have Strengthen/Mist.  As you shouldn't really see any melee action at this point, I wouldn't bother Strengthening yourself.  Always /con your pets, and try to re-summon till you get the best one possible.  Make a chart of the max damage they inflict for their level, and you won't regret it.  In the future it's the only reliable way to tell your pet's level.

Find your blue mob (I always fight blue mobs unless Charm-Soloing--and even then I suggest blues, but you can manage white/yellow if you're just really into dangerous fights), pull it with Tashan, as per usual.  Take a hit, then drop Languid Pace on it.  Your pet has a serious advantage already.  As the fight progresses, nuke to assist your pet.   If you get rushed Color Flux/Root to get out of the fight, and resume nuking.    You need to do over half the damage to the mob for full xp.  If you wish, you can begin Blur-Nuking to outrace the pet, but I find it's usually not worth it yet.   There are very few mobs your pet can take without you nuking a fair amount still, but if you think your pet has done more damage than you during the fight, when it's getting low (leave time to cast) toss Memory Blur on the mob, then Chaotic Feedback.   You will easily do half the remaining health to the mob, giving you full xp for the kill.  I also refer to this Kamikaze-Solo as "Root-Kamikaze", as you develop a new method of pet-solo in the Sixth Circle.

Spell Lineup:  1-Chaotic Feedback, 2-Choke, 3-Color Flux, 4-Root, 5-Mesmerize, 6-Languid Pace, 7-Tashan, 8-Swap Slot.  The 1st slot in my spell lineup is always my strongest nuke, 2nd is always my DD/DoT/Debuff, or else my secondary nuke for chaining.   The 3rd slot is Color Flux till 49th, period.  Same goes for Root and Mesmerize.  The third through 5th slot are always going to be Color Flux, Root-spell, and Mesmerize-spell.  The 6th slot is a situational "debuff", either an attack slow or fear.  If neither of those are going to be cast, then the 6th slot is like an extra swap slot, usually a spell that I will cast freqently, but not as much as the first 2 slots.  Mesmerization often ends up here.  I keep spells 1-6 hotkeyed, making them easy to cast by just pressing a number.  This is the reason Tashan is on 7th slot.  I will cast it once per fight, usually to pull.  I just just use the mouse for that.  Color Flux, on the other hand, I just stab "3" to cast it, and because my movement keys are "E, S, D, F" I have to take my middle finger off of the forward key (E) to press Color flux.  Since I need to be holding still to cast this works out.  8th Slot is the true swap slot from 12th on.  Spells memorize fast enough now that you can just buff from this slot.    As a side note, placement of spells in the spell-book is just as important.    You need to be able to find your spells quickly.  The first 7 spots in my spell book are the 7 I have memmed most commonly.  Then the other 3 spots are for the most commonly rotated 6th slot spells.  An attack slow is my current spell in the 6th slot by default, replaced with Mesmerize (for Mez Kiting after you have Enthrall in the 5th slot), Fear-spell (for Reverse Kiting) and Mesmerization (keeping the mezzes right next to each other).  Page 3 & 4 is my buffs page.  Anything that will go into my swap slot is memmed here, and this is the page I'm on most of the time.  Page 5 is extra color stuns, most commonly used charm, etc.  Page 6 is my pet spell and whatever Berzerker I lob on him, plus See Invis, Invis, and my dispell-spell.  After that it's kind of a crap shoot and personal preference really.

Grouping - Dervish Cutthroats and Bandits are going to be very popular camps now, and your services are going to become much more sought after.    Mez-pulling takes on a new facet with the addition of Memory Blur to your spell list, and here's how it goes:

Don't be afraid to pull for the group, honestly.  If a single mob, pull with Tashan to kill magic resist right away, and let the tanks intercept it on the charge.   If there are two, Mez-Pull and let the tanks intercept.   Then, make your decision.  If they can drop the pull quickly, just let the mez break in 24 seconds and they fight it next.  If they are going to take awhile, then just Memory Blur the mezzed mob and make sure everyone is out of aggro range.   It will forget all about being mezzed, and the party can take their time pulling it.  In most cases, blurring will not be necessary yet, as you're not fighting rough enough stuff to worry about needing to re-mez.

Now, once your group is fighting a mob, there are only two spells you should consider throwing:  Tashan, followed by Languid Pace.  This single spell drastically reduces the damage the tanks are taking, and they will notice, trust me.  Choke has the same casting cost, and will rarely be on the mob for full duration, thus rarely do full damage--however, this also means that Languid Pace won't be on for a drastic amount of time.  Get a feel for it--if Choke stays on for 20 seconds, but never to duration, then Languid Pace probably won't help the fight much.    If Choke goes to duration every time, Languid Pace is going to be a huge spell for lowering the damage to the tanks.  However--Languid Pace usually doesn't aggro the mob to you, only has to be cast once, and lasts the whole fight.  With most fights at this level lasting 20 seconds, Spell Lineup - Same as Kamikaze-Solo unless you use Memory Blur, which I left in Swap Slot.

Reverse-Kite-Partner - This applies to Reverse-Kiting with Necromancers and Druids.  There is effectively no change to Reverse-Kite with necros, except that I recommend not using it.  Just let the necro cripple movement, and you cripple attack speed, your two pets will destroy mobs.   With a Druid, you Tashan, they Snare, you take hit and send pet in, then choose if you wish to Fear it.    I usually do, but you and the druid will keep it agged easily, and your pet will still follow swinging.  I like Fearing because it walks slow instead of running slow.   Toss Choke then Chaotic Feedback.  Landing Choke early in the fight is priority.  I recommend the same tactic for the druid (DOT then Nuke), then the both of you should just let your pet and the DOTs do their jobs.  When the DOTs wear off (if the mob isn't dead), finish with nukes, unless you think the DOTs will do close to full damage.  Spell Lineup:  Replace Languid Pace with Fear and you're ready to go.

Charm-Solo - Read Tactics--Charm for more on this--as charm soloing at 12th is the same as at 49th, just with bigger mobs and longer casting times.   Spell Lineup:  1-Chaotic Feedback, 2-Charm, 3-Color Flux, 4-Root, 5-Mesmerize, 6-Languid Pace, 7-Tashan, 8-Swap(Memory Blur).  This is one of the few levels I suggest Memory Blur in swap slot, as you may often find yourself unable to finish your pet and needing a break.

I have armed you with your weapons for this Circle.  Go out and complete your training--you are becoming a master of your class now, and not many make it this far, actually.  Upon reaching the Fourth Circle, you open up the final powers of enchanting, and become truly amazing; and desired in groups!  The rewards are hidden, but fruitful to our profession, and I will see you again in the Fifth Circle!