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There was a satisfying complaint of creaking leather as a pale, worn hand deftly undid the clasps of the tome and lifted the heavy, boiled leather covering.  The bookbinding was woven from the strongest spidersilk in a tight and complex pattern through the heavy parchment contents.  Each immaculate sheet carried a countenance of regality upon it, bestowed by mercury-etched runes among the hand-drawn edgework of the spellbook.  Xornn traced a thin, weathered, pale finger along the gold and platinum trim of the binding, gently easing the tome fully open upon the massive oak slab table he stood before.  With an exertion of mental will, the pages calmly passed over the binding and came to rest, left to right in sequence, turning the pages systematically as the old, tired high elf felt the memories of his life passing before him.

Chase the Moon.  A long since forgotten smile took over the koada'dal's mouth and cheeks as he thought of the days of cyclops hunting in the Plains of Eastern Karana.   The pages kept passing, the years continually skipping to and fro before him, flashing images of a life long in days.

Uleen's Animation.  Xornn stared quite some moment at the conjuration, and felt a familiar weight on his shoulder, from a pack weighted down with weapons to weave into the spell.  Xornn closed his eyes for a moment, reveling in the motion of life he recalled.

Illusion: Werewolf.  That was the day Rhedd married him, just after boxing him on the ear for trying to stand at the alter in that snarling form.  Xornn blinked several times, and nearly wept for the first time since he was twenty.

Each Circle of mastery signifies new powers, abilities, and possibilities--which will heighten your enchanting abilities with each passing rank.  By the time you have reached the 12th Cirlce (a long and instructive journey), you will have a mastery of all skills and tactics available to the enchanter.  The Circles beyond that (13th to 22nd) are high-powered upgrades to skills you already have by 12th, which is why this site focusses primarily on level 1 to 50.  While the later Circles will see mention, I want to focus on the times before that, when you are truly learning.