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Spell Lines


The Runaway Animation
December 21, 1999

Upon reaching the fifteenth rank I found myself hard pressed to find a place where the denizens were challenging but not overwhelming, but since I typically keep to myself I was finding it very difficult to find one. I went to North Karana, Befallen, Lavastorm, and others, each of which was good, but not good enough since I would either require a party to assist me, or would be swarmed, or both.

I then found the Oasis and finished my work towards the sixteenth rank (which seemed to take an eternity). I thought highly of this place as, although dangerous in areas, I found that I could compentently adminsiter my skills without too much difficulty.

With my newly acquired spells of the sixteenth rank I accompanied a collegue of mine on a trip to Oggok (which didn't go as well as planned). After his business there was cut short, I suggested we go to Upper Guk to see what it was like. He agreed and little stood in our way through Innothule with the exception of a poor human paladin that attacked me, being fooled by my dark elf illusion which I keep up for the vision. Poor fellow indeed. Upon reaching Guk, my companion jokingly asked "I wonder how long we will last in there". I laughed, reassured him that since the guards out front were green to both of us (myself an enchanter at the rank of sixteen, and he a mage at fourteen) we should be allright inside, and so we went in.

There were froglok bodies everywhere. It seemed as though someone had cleared the place out, so we looted a few of the corpses with the hopes that more frogloks would come, and they did. All we found were weak compared to us, so I practised my new spells and we defeated all with ease. A few actually gave us some needed experience with our abilities, but mostly it was the same old thing we'd come to expect from such inferior creatures, including the running.

One of the sentries, not particularly interested in fighting us, ran away quickly, my animation in tow. Worried that the anumation may attract more denizens I followed. He had attracted a single priest which didn't seem to tough, but tougher than the rest, so I helped the animation to kill it, using the vast majority of my mana. This creature, too, ran, just before dying and I thought little about it... that is until the warriors swarmed in.

All around me were frogloks, obviously miffed at my presence in their homeland, and I had no choice but to run. I ran across the rickety bridge that had lead me here in an attempt to get closer to my companion who was meditating but instead lost my footing and fell. Luckily I didn't fall into the water but instead landed on the ledge next to the opening. Unfortunately it was too late... I cast colour flux to try to buy me time, but I could not manage to get close enough to the opening. I pondered falling into the water to evade these creatures, but before I could act my vision failed me, and I found myself outside their lair.

My companion, upon witnessing my fall, sent his pet in and gated out, the air elemental giving him the opportunity that I didn't have. We met back in front of Guk, and my only words were "Ok. So I won't bring a pet next time."

It is back to the Oasis for me, for a time. I must learn to use my abilities better before I commit them to a place such as Guk.

Spellbounder L'Arety ] Athos ] [ Izlano ]

Spellbounder L'Arety ] Athos ] [ Izlano ]