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Spellbounder L'Arety

Spell Lines

Spellbounder L'Arety

Centaur Village
I had the honor of wowwing some people a few nights ago with all the tricks I had up my sleeves.

I met up with a a good friend of mine and she wanted me to group with them. They were pulling Centaurs out of the village. They just wanted my Clarity ehhehe.

Anyway, we were in one house with an archer, a charger, and a foal. I said I am going to beguile the archer (143 charisma) and get him out of the picture. I began the casting, not bothering to Tashan since they will all attack me... then as the purple bar went down, I saw what I had selected. The freaking charger! Trying to move around to cancel, it was too late, the charm went off...

Bracing for a flurry of hard blows from the charger as he resisted, I slowly took my finger off the color flux. He approached, and did that cute lil' pet circle.

"Ummm, charger is my pet..." I said cautiously.

"Whoa" the tank said as he proceeded to wreack havoc on the archer.

/pet attack

Archer didn't last long =)

and the charger kept being my pet for 40 seconds after the archer death.

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[ Spellbounder L'Arety ] Athos ] Izlano ]