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Spell Lines

Drekaar stood impassively looking at the young cyclops--'For a cyclops at least,' thought the enchanter--walking out of the entrance to the canyons in East Karana.  A young human ranger was fidgetting beside him, obviously quite skittish about the upcoming battle.  He was pacing a bit, practice swinging his swords a bit--contemplating why he let this dark elf talk him into coming here.

"Because you're weak-willed," answered Drekaar for him, much to the ranger's shock.  "It's no matter, I'll compensate for you.  Just snare the mighty Broon, I'll handle the rest."  With that, Drekaar began to summon the call of Tashan...

Now the path to Kamikaze fun doesn't have to be a solo one... no sire.  Anyone capable of snaring is your best friend.  Get that old animation summoned and hasted, then fire away with Tash at your next victim.  On the way in they snare/darkness it, and you take a hit to get your pet in.  Then fear it.   Use your best fear (Fear at 4th, Chase the Moon at 16th, Invoke Fear at 39th) because duration on the fear is what matters.  Charisma doesn't appear to affect duration significantly, and even partnered with a necromancer you should fear.  Fear is a spell that needs to be cast in a fear kite.  The other spells are DOTS and movement slows.  Both of which you suck at past 12th level, so stick with what you're good at.  After your fear hits, it's pretty much up to you what's next.  I'm a fan of dropping a DOT on there (just to fit in really, as our DOT is just so slow) and chasing it with the Disempower line (drops AC, making the pet hit better, though it's more effective with 2+ tanks/pets).   Meanwhile your partner will nuke like crazy (wizard), DOT like mad (necromancer or druid), or flat out melee (ranger) the mob until it falls over unceremoniously.   Clarity will keep the mana flowing, and all but the wizard are able to heal in some way or another.   Kamikaze-Fear-Kiting, besides being extremely fun to say, is terrifyingly effective as a killing style.

Fear Kiting
Lineup: Nuke (or DOT), DOT (or Shaman Debuff), PB Stun, Root, Single Mez, Fear, MR Debuff, Swap (Haste)
The primary damage spell is typically a DOT, because it debuffs AGI, which debuffs AC, which makes Mr. Kamikaze hit harder.  At the same time though, bear in mind that if your DOT is only on for half duration before death occurs, then the DOT only did half damage, and very likely, just nuking it once would have shelled out that much damage, so past about 20ish or so the primary damage is often just as good as a nuke.   AC Debuffs from the Shaman line are not to be underestimated though--anything that makes your pet hit more often can't be a bad thing, but it's also not critical.   If you don't wish to keep the AC debuff up, then just keep a primary/secondary damage setup ready to go.

Fear is the all important role.  That mob needs to be following either your or the snarer (snared) or fleeing you at snare speed.  (Note--don't exploit by fearing mobs into objects, it's cheap and can get you in trouble too.)  If it's on your animation, fear had better be inbound, because you don't attack slow a feared mob (which is why that slot gets replaced).

That's really all there is to fear kiting, hence it's appeal.   Simple and safe.  A wonderful way to drop amazing amounts of mobs, for great experience.   After a night of fear kiting, force yourself to hit up a dungeon to keep your crowd control skills sharp, because it's hard to leave that amazingly fast and safe experience fear kiting gives--thus the appeal of necromancers who fear kite without a partner.   Fear kiting is also sometimes the only way to fight certain mobs that were designed to hit extremely hard, and enchanters that can fear kite on par with a necromancer are a welcome addition to a group then.

Full groups don't usually fear kite well, because it's slower than the speed that a nice balanced group could just hack a mob to pieces.  However if you're running a group of say, enchanter (you), necromancer, druid, and rogue... you don't really have the tanking ability for the druid to manage heals.  But if you have the rogue pull, the druid snare, and you fear while the necro starts lobbing on those mind-numbing DOTs... mobs will die fast and all the while no one is in great danger during the fights.

Beware again the addictive nature of fear kiting... many a chanter has been turned to necromancy after a taste of this tactic.

Mez Kiting
Lineup: Nuke, Secondary Nuke, PB Stun, Root, Single Mez, Mesmerize (4), MR Debuff, Swap (Rune)
Mez Kiting is a particulary effective way to kill casting mobs, as the largest threat say--a wizard--poses is the ability damage you fast.  Mez kiting allows you to not only ignore the recast delay on your nukes, but to even med some mana back until it's time for mez to break.  Because the enchanter nukes aren't as effective as other casters, it's important to use the technique primarily with low hit point mobs (conveniently most casters have low hit points for their level).  Essential is some form of movement enhancement however, be it SoW or boots that grant SoW effects, or a bard in your group, or potions... you need to run fast.  The technique is simplicity.   You sinlge mez your target, tash it, then root it before the nuke.  (If root doesn't break, great... if it does, start running while spells ungrey.)  Then remez the mob and med a tic or two.  Use level 4 Mesmerize for this as it's the cheapest and most mana efficient mez you get (only 20 mana for 24 seconds).  ReRoot the mob if you like (nice to not have to run when it holds) and nuke again.  Rinse and repeat.   The secondary nuke is to finish mobs without throwing a full sized shot at them, and you keep your main single mez loaded in case of adds, needing to med up a little more from resists or what not, just single mez and mez-med back to good health.


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