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Eugee's Graphical Walkthrough for UI Setup

I'm going to try and show as much detail as feasible here, for those of you that are barely computer literate.  Here goes:  Now if you don't know how to move about your directories in Windows you better have someone that does help you.  You also should understand how to unpack a file.

1. Download the UI Files you want, remember where you save them.  (I saved mine in c:\program files\everquest\uifiles.)

2. Get into your \uifiles directory as shown: ui3.jpg (36284 bytes)




3. Add a new folder/directory called whatever you like (eugee in this example) ui4.jpg (8324 bytes)




4. Next unzip the UI files you wish to install into this new directory. ui5.jpg (41410 bytes)




5.  Now log into EQ and type "/loadskin eugee 1".  Obviously if you don't call the folder eugee use the name you used.  The 1 on the end ensures that your window positions and shading will not be tamperd with.ui1.jpg (146655 bytes)




6. Tada!  This is what the finished product should look like!  You'll notice my action window is open and resized, that's where the maps are.ui2.jpg (192907 bytes)




That's all there is to it, UIs install much easier than they used to now!