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Spell Lines

"The gloom of the recessed flooring in this dank pit assaults us, threatening to over come the torchlight borne by the noble and powerful barbarian warrior to my left.   The cleric is humming a gentle mantra to herself, and her beautiful elven cheeks are lost to the droning chants of meditation she is lost to.  The dwarven paladin that joined us at the entrance to the castle is thumbing the blade of his mighty axe nervously, though he labels the emotion 'alertness'.  Behind me the wizard, a human far from his homelands and allies, is quietly boring a hole into the back of my neck with his gaze, but I put those thoughts to the back of my mind.  The last member of our party, a druid whom I've spent many day's travelling with is now pacing nervously about in the confines of this stone chamber, longing to be outside in the winds and light that she can trust.  However, I am the enchanter, and her heart follows me into the foulest places.

The warrior looks up suddenly towards the door of the chamber, and a reflecting glint draws my attention momentarily to the wizard behind me--smiling.  I've only seen the wizard smile for one reason... someone is about to die.  No sooner than my thought completes, the dwarf is up and screaming battle cries to Bristlebane as he locks into combat with a hulking drolvarg bodyguard!  The barbarian stands opposite the beast and their melee begins in fury.  They swing with a ferocious and deadly speed, granted them by my own magics, and I utter the power words to draw a binding force around the drolvarg, making it's movements sluggish and predictable, so much so that it can barely muster the will to swing at the burly fighters.  As the beast howls out, three more drolvargs storm into the room... an ambush then!

Before they can decide who they will slay, I'm calling upon spells of mesmerization, and sieze the entire crowd under a hypnotic trance in seconds.  I choose one of them to become my slave, and bend its mind to my considerable will.   Quickly it finds turning on it's comrades to be not only feasible to consider, but the only action it's capable of.  The cleric replenishes the warrior's health as my new minion joins the assault.  I begin summoning binding roots of magic force to adhere the remaining beast to the ground, helpless to strike me as my short trance begins to fade.  I quickly re-mesmerize them with a stronger, safer magic that will bind them for minutes, as the first of them goes down under the fury of my demon minion and the fighters.  The wizard chuckles as the beast goes down in a burning heap, and I'm left with no doubts as to who finished the wicked thing.

Suddenly my mind-bent servant wrests his mind out of my reach again and charges me with renewed spirits, slamming a heavy blade into my side.  The mystic shielding permeating the air about me stops the blade from cleaving me in twain, but feel the impact I do.  In a moment I will address my injuries, for this is not the time to worry about trivial matters such as dying.  I call upon a quick burst of magical scintilation, and a circle of sparkling lights flashes around me, stunning the loosed beast as I spun to face it.  I feel a crooked grin creeping onto my face as I reclaim its mind into my grasp again, and dare to sit before it as I command, "Slay a drolvarg bodyguard, minion."  Helpless to resist, the beast lumbers to the melee at hand and commences to kill its companion in arms.  The wizard rises from his meditations, signalling the death of the next beast, and the third is quickly beset upon by our full wrath as I re-root its movement to keep it worrying about the closer threats.

As the beast falls, the barbarian looks to me, and the cleric mends my broken ribs from the impact.  "Well done enchanter, surely we were bested if naught for your skill."  I nod.  The wizard clears his throat behind me, and it goes unnoticed--but I know how much he assisted--that's why I demanded his presence on this excursion.

"So..." chimes in the squat paladin, "you keeping that thing charmed or not?"  I glance over at my forced pet, feeling the rage it's unable to call to the surface.

"For now, yes."

That is enchanting.  That is what you are here to learn about, should you choose to walk this road long enough.  Now for the bad part--this is the most difficult class to play well.  Bards are more complicated, and a warrior is no less important to a group, but the enchanter gives the least room for error, the least understanding for mistakes, and the most expectations from your fellow adventurers.   Most who travel this road will not achieve the 8th Circle, not because they aren't good enough, but because they don't find enough reward in the journey.  My advice to you:

Play a warrior.  You will have great fun killing mobs with reckless abandon, and warriors require intense battlefield awareness, believe it or not.  My second character is a warrior.

Play a wizard.  There is a sick pleasure in vaporizing mobs with fast casting, mana efficient nukes, on top of porting and multi-kiting.  My third character is a wizard.

But you're not going to.  You're going to play an enchanter--that's alright, just remember I tried to talk you out of it.  But who knows?  Maybe you're one of "us"... the truly elite, the masters of control and manipulation.  The ones that save their group time and again, and stare down massive creatures with only a few spells and a robe between them and a quick, messy death.

Maybe you are The Enchanter; only time will tell.

To get started on this journey, you should start with Creation

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