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Spell Lines

"Drekaar strolled calmly from the dark halls of The Spurned.  Neriak was sprawling in front of him, nearly black to those not among the Tier'dal, but here, this deep into the home of Innoruuk's Chosen, an outsider was unlikely, save the occasional ogre or troll lemming succumbed into service by promises of power and respect.   Drekaar chuckled to himself at that thought--respect to one of those oafish boobs.   Not here, not in this grand city; his finely honed eyes scanned the ancient buildings before him as easily as if it were daylight.  He was the destined one, Innoruuk's loyal servant, determined to control and manipulate those around him by their own hate..."

There are five races to choose from if you wish to play an enchanter:  Dark Elf, Erudite, High Elf, Human, and Gnome.  From a racial faction standpoint, there is no matter as to which you take, as you will be able to cast an illusion to become whichever race suits you.  Dark Elves have a good starting Intelligence, but suffer from a low Charisma, have natural ultravision (nice to not have to cast it constantly) as well as the ability to Hide (useful for breaking charm), and suffer from the worst faction (without using illusions).  Erudites have the highest starting Intelligence, but also carry a low Charisma with them, and a low Agility rating (not terribly detrimental, as you'll pick up a minor Agility raise quickly enough, and it's only a factor if you become encumbered), plus a very good faction throughout Norrath (again, without the use of illusions).   Erudites are also nearly blind at night, though this impediment will only sustain through level 4, when you can use illusions to gain better vision.  High Elves have the highest total attribute points, as well as an excellent starting Intelligence and Charisma, the stats of the enchanter, plus Infravision allows you to see at night fairly well without spell use.  The Human has balanced stats, with a 75 in all categories, and 85 in Intelligence and Charisma.  They are also blind like Erudites, but you will find this is actually a good race, especially when you find your 55 Strength high elf encumbered every other loot.  The gnomes are quite frankly the cutest race in existence (at least the wood elf ladies think so) and prepare to get your head rubbed a lot for luck.  There's something classic about seeing a gnome with a charmed giant in tow, and you have a good starting Intelligence, decent faction (without illusions) and infravision to accompany your smallish cuteness.  In the end, it really doesn't matter, I promise you.  Look at the races, learn about their history, and take what intrigues you... they all level at the same rate after all.

Okay, just making sure you were paying attention.  I suggest Enchanter, unless you're reading this guide for some other weird reason.

Every enchanter you meet in your travels is going to tell you something different.  Here's what I'll tell you though--Intelligence gets you mana, Charisma does help with mezzing and charms, even if only a little, and Armor Class does make you live longer.  Resistances are good, especially vs. Magic, and in the end, you're just going to take what you feel comfortable with.  If going from 130 Charisma to 180 makes you more confident in your crowd control abilities, then that's what you should take.  I just want to cover your bonus points here--put 15 into Intelligence, and 15 into Charisma.  This will give you a nice start on getting both stats to 200.   Some say go for as much Intelligence gear as you can, because Charisma raising gear is cheap, others say go for Charisma because the Intelligence raising gear comes with Armor Class usually, and me, I say split the points and you'll still make 200 in each stat just fine, have a nice Armor Class and Hit Point total, and room to drop some resistance gear on.  I spent level 52 naked just to see what it was like, and outside of less room for making mistakes, it wasn't really that noticeable.  I often forgot I looked naked, and was puzzled when people handed me spare robes and such.

This is the part that upsets the enchanter community as a whole; when your faction is determined with a mob, several factors come into play--race, class, religion, and your deeds.  Race we can change, class usually isn't a large modifier, and if you want wood elves to like you don't kill wood elves.  But religion is the damper that makes illusions useless.  My first enchanter was Bromm, who made it to 13th level before I realized that following Quellious was going to keep me from entering Neriak, even using Illusion: Dark Elf and Alliance.  Verant shows no signs of implementing an Illusion: Religion, so play Agnostic, unless you don't care that most of your racial illusions will do very little for you faction-wise.  (A high elf that worships Innoruuk is still KOS to the Felwithe authorities.)  I started over from Bromm, creating Xornn, who is most definitely Agnostic.

After you finish with your creation, spend some time on a name that you'll want remembered.  Mezzinbob might have a funny sound to it, but in the end, is that who your mighty Phantasmist is going to be?  Mezzinbob Likestocharm the Phantasmist?   I think not.

Name decided, enter Norrath and take your steps on this long journey...
--Xornn Mier`noen

Time to learn the Spell Lines