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Spell Lines

Okay, you just dropped a point into Research.  Now what?  Well, it's really simple, and extremely frustrating.  You buy the Tome of Enchantment, and you carry it around with you when you want to research spells.  You must find two page "halves" that go together (like page 23 left & right of Tasarin's Grimoire) or two consectutive number "whole" pages (example page Page 8 & 9 of Velishoul's Tome).  Put both of these into your Tome and press "COMBINE".     Now it will do one or two of three things:

Give you a skill raise in Research.  (Research raises very fast, 2 in 3 combines raise usually till you cap for your level.)  Still, it gets so hard to find the pages you need, most chanters get the skill capped by their late 20's and then just dump points into Research each level to keep it maxxed.  With Xornn, I combine spells I already have for training research each time I ding, and if I'm not capped in the skill when it's time to research a new spell I need, then I max it out.  This saves me some practices for other junk like raising languages, and also leaves me a lot of researched spells to give to other chanters.  (I never sell them, ever.)  You become trivial at a certain level of spells, meaning the level of spell it produces) about the time you hit the following Circle (assuming Research stays capped).  So when I'm at 39th the 34th spells are trivial for me to combine now.

Second thing that can happen is you get a new spell!  Congratulations!  Get to scribing!  Now you can still combine the spell (with more pages) for practice, and you don't have to worry about failing!

OR, you fail to combine them, and lose the pages.  Easy come, easy go.

I've listed what pages are needed for each research spell, as well as what wisdom-based caster gets the same spell (meaning you can go to their guild and just buy the spell) pretty well, and I'm reviewing the spell lists too.  If you want a condensed list, Caster's Realm has a lot of Research info, including quests you can do to train your research.  While a magician might find this easier to train with, enchanters and wizards have such easy requirements to do research, and you usually get a horde of pages for spells you already have, it's easier to just practice with the live pages.

Sometimes you'll see reference to "faded" pages.  That means that to get say... Velishoul's Tome page 108 (the first faded page you have to research for a spell), to pair up with 109 for Feedback, you must find a "Faded Velishoul's Tome page" and put it into your Tome and press combine (all by itself) which may give you a skill raise, plus give you page 108 or fail.  However, levels 24, 29, and 34 all have a faded page in their list of needed pages.  If you get a "faded page of salis writ", you can bet it's the right side of salis writ page 90.  But if you get a faded Velishoul's, it's either page 108 (level 29 Feedback) or page 16 (level 24 Invigorate--cleric spell).  I'll try to find a faded page to offer a merchant soon, and see how much they offer for it, because the 16th level page sells much cheaper.

Now, getting pages is the hardest part.  They will drop off certain mobs from the level of the spell and about five levels up.  So typically you either have to group to fight the bigger mobs that drop your pages, or else you go to a zone with that type of mob and auction.  Mesmerization is the first research spell you have to research.  Going to Oasis and auctioning "/auc WTB Tasarin's Left & Right 26" will get you a lot of help in getting the pages, as crocodiles drop enchanter research materials.  (Actually crocodiles drop necro pages too... and maybe some mage.  Don't remember seeing any runes--wizard.)  Mages only have to research pets.  Necros have to research pets and a few dots, a lot of which shadow knight guilds have.  Enchanters must research 3 to 4 spells a level, but at least 2 are available to wisdom casters (who don't have research).  Wizards only have like five major spells they ever need to research, and the rest are typically AE nukes that they will have better versions of by the time they research it.