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Spell Lines

Crowd Control, your primary role as an enchanter.  Refers to any methods used to keep mobs from participating in a fight, through mezzing, charming, or even simple rooting.

Using Mesmerize type spells to lock a mob up under a set duration stun that is broken by damage.

Attack slows, the most effective debuffs in the game.

Reducing the combat effectiveness of a mob, through slows, snares, AC drops, etc, but typically reduces damage output of a mob.

Beneficial spells cast onto allies such as haste or mana regen.

Common name for mana regen spells, also known as Coffee, C1 (for Clarity) or C2 (Clarity 2)  Usually stated "crack me pls" and will become quite annoying.

Buff that increases attack delay.  Three types which stack:  spell haste (ours), item haste (such as Flowing Black Silk Sash), and song haste (from bards).

Taiwaneese.  Most common ESL on Nameless Server.

English Second Language.  Players that do not speak English as natives, and can be a bit difficult to communicate with.

6 seconds.  The game clock runs spell durations on "tics" which can be measured by bard song pulses, mana regen jumps, hp recooperation, and your little blinking eyeball animation.

Attack Tic/Round
One cycle of the attack timer, measured by the delay of your weapon (divided by 10 is seconds) modified by haste effects.

PB Stun
Point Blank Stun.  Area effect spell centered on caster (who is not affected).

Area of Effect.  Spell that covers an area centered on target (can affect caster) has a 4-5 target limit.

HP Shield
Buff that stops "x" damage before fading.

Damage Shield.  Buff that does "x" damage to whatever hits the recipient.

Using animation to solo.  Animation fights to the death and is uncommandable... Mr. Kamikaze just seemed like the right name to me.  Since my earlier days of animation solo, I seemed to have coined the phrase "Kamikaze Solo" now.

Several meanings.  One, to stop a mez effect with damage.  "Tank broke mez"  Second is to kill mobs in a staggered order at their spawn point so they don't all spawn at once.  "It was a good break on the Hands room!"   Breaking a room isn't just killing the mobs one at a time so they spawn one at a time (since they will spawn on a set timer... typically 6 minutes outdoors, 15 to 30 minutes in dungeons) but meaning you're going to have to move into a room with several mobs, or pull several out of an area all at once--hence the need for an enchanter.   "Cazic Thule Throne Room is a tough break for a 29 enchanter."

To cast a spell.  I use the word a lot... "Then I throw tash on it..." and I also coin the word fire a lot.  "Fire in a dispel."

Damage Over Time.  Does a certain amount of damage each tic, half if the mob is mobile and not running.  Slow source of damage but typically extremely mana efficient.

Mana Regen Over Time.  Gives mana back per tic, just like a DOT.

Direct Damage spell.  You cast, damage occurs.

Process effect.  Thusly named from old text-based RPGs that had a file called "process" files up to run special effects.  Procs are any effect that occurs from an item, either by right clicking the item (like JBoots) or through a random chance while attacking (like Short Sword of Ykesha).

Spell components needed to cast, like Bat Wing for Levitate or Jasper for Rune III.

Consider.  A yellow "conning" mob is 1-2 levels above your level for example.

Any non-player character, but typically refers to a creature you fight for xp.   Comes from the old text-based RPGs, where NPC's were stored in .mob files.

To have a spell resist, or be unable to land a spell.  "I bounced three slows before giving up."

Throwing a secondary, weaker nuke in to fill the recast delay of your primary nuke.

Aggro/Hate List
Priority of attacks for an NPC.  Rooted mobs "aggro" the closest player.  Damage, heals, debuffs, etc all raise your standing on the "hate list".

Chaining multiple stun effects together, rendering the target helpless.

Devoting a spell slot to a particular spell.  "Had to keep Theft of Thought memmed all the time because of the recast delay..."

Channel/Cast Through
Regaining your concentration and continuing your spell cast despite the damage you've taken.  The higher your Channeling skill, and the lower level the spell is (in relation to your level) the more likely you are to channel it.  Channelling Root (level 8) is much easier to channel than Dazzle (level 49).

Maintaining a mez-lock an a mob while meditating back up.  After you get mana regen spells, it's possible to meditate back much more mana that a mez uses, allowing you to recover mana while the mob is under a mez induced stun.

Any melee class, but more specifically, Warriors, Shadow Knights, and Paladins--all heavy AC classes.

Casters who get their mana pool based on Intelligence... Magicians, Necromancers, Wizards, and Enchanters.

Casters who base mana pool on Wisdom (plus they have many heals).  Cleric, Druid, and Shaman.

Tanks that don't exactly stand up to punishment as well as the plate wearing cousins.  Monks, Rogues, and Rangers.  All three typically outdamage other tanks, but trade that offensive power for defensive weakness (comparatively--they don't melt... just not as hardy as a warrior).

Flight Jockies
Bards.  They run around like helicopter pilots, thinking they can do pretty much whatever they want and fill every role of the group.  Well... they can.  A good bard can do so much... they just have that "Top Gun" Maverick attitude, which is why I call them jockies.

Necromancer darkness DOT, which includes a movement imparing effect.

Druids and rangers get a snare spell that impares movement.

Lowering the Magic Resistance (MR) of a mob.  Unresistable spell (cure poison can remove) that casts quickly.

Player vs Player / Player vs Environment.  PvP servers have spells work differently, such as AoE spells having a chance to affect your own team, etc.  Xornn is on a PvE server, and as such this is a PvE guide.  Dueling is not the realm of this guide, though I'll leave this advice.  Mez, Blind and Nuke are the only weapons you need, and anyone that raises their MR even half heartedly will own you.

Seek Radius
Range a mob can tell you are around and will pursue you.  If you mez a mob and leave it's seek radius, it won't come after you unless you get too close again. (Seek radii are typically very large.)

From time to time, Verant changes the way something in the game works.  When the change is for the worse, it's called "nerfing"  Whirl Till You Hurl and Lull were heavily nerfed spells.

PowerLeveling.  Helping someone to kill mobs WAY too powerful for them in order to level them faster.  With low levels, easily accomplished with DS and heals (or HP Shields), and at higher level with memory blurs to wipe the damage list.

To clear the hate list.  A blurred mob is one that has successfully been wiped, clearing it's hate list off.

Used on unmezzable mobs often in planes.  A tank fights the mob solo while a healer keeps them alive.  They have no aspirations of killing the mob, just keeping it hitting them while another mob is killed.

Called out when additional mobs add to a battle.  Tanks have a responsibility to call them out as the enchanter is often extremely occupied with targetting, memming spells, and casting during battle.  "add" called out in group alerts the enchanter to get it under control.

Casting immobilization spells (Root, etc) on a mob and getting away from it, leaving it unable to harm anyone.  Used commonly by shamans and wizards, but also by enchanters trying to crowd control a giant.