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Spell Lines

Xornn bobbed freely in the air, his body a transformation of air into a vaguely humanoid body.  Even though he had scantly any weight, the wind gave him pause and passed around him.  He truly preferred this method of travel in the Ocean of Tears, skimming across the water freely.  On an isle across the shore, he and Rhedd, his druid wife of many years, stared out across the water at the seafury cyclopses stomping about their hill of an island.  "So," began Rhedd, "what are we doing today?"

"Hunting seafuries, I believe, wife."

Rhedd waved a dismissing hand at Xornn and turned away from him as she pretended to act pouty.  Unfortunately, it never fooled Xornn--but fortunately, Xornn had the good sense to pretend it did.  "I'm sorry, dear... just a little poking fun."   Xornn poked a finger of air into the small of the wood elf's back and the cool touch caused her to shiver.  She spun about quickly, her cheeks flush with red and eyes aglow.

"Fear kite?" she queried?

"What else?" asked Xornn rhetorically.

"Good then... incoming seafury cyclops!"

Mastering tactics is the true road to victory for the enchanter, as learning each "building block" of tactics allows you to develop instinctual reactions to situations, till finally you're reacting intelligently to your environment, rather than trying to analyze data, determine the best course of action, then implement.   Recognize and react is the secret to master enchanting.  Understand what is happening quickly, and deal with the event before it consumes the scenario unfolding.   Below are the primary categories of Tactics I believe are critical to master, as they cover just about every aspect of play.

Kamikaze ] Kiting ] Charm ] Manipulation ] Crowd Control ] Buffing ] Debuffing ] AoE Groups ]