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12th Circle (49-50)

Spell Lines

Xornn walked back up to the sprawling castle of Felwithe.

Many long years had passed since he first emerged from those gates, a young, ambitious, and carefree koada`dal in search of knowledge and adventure.  Deep-set wrinkles creased Xornn's face now, and a longing, memorative haze clouded his emotions.   The forest was loud with noises of bats in the sky and fairies among the trees.   As he looked upon his birthplace, a pixie ambushed a young enchanter, trying to reach the safety of Felwithe.

He gave the creature attention long enough to turn his head, and it fluttered to his side, a mental slave.  Then the faydark forgot him again, and left him alone to ponder his journey come to end.

A thin arm snaked around his waist, and another followed up his back, and a small hand dug fingers into the base of his scalp.  Rhedd pressed herself against Xornn's chest, and one long arm absently draped over her and around her back.  She could tell he was lost in thought, and took heart in the fact that while Xornn might not be aware she was standing in his arms, the high elf's soul was aware, and returning the embrace.

"Was it worth it?" she asked inquisitively, and the air of Greater Faydark shattered.


This was by far the most rewarding adventure I've embarked upon, and the most entertainment I've seen from anything.  While the levels beyond are still waiting for me to reach them, 49th was the marker I've been looking for.   The culmination of our class, the former end of our journey.  There is of course more beyond the 12th Circle, but this is the culmination of our abilities.  You are a master by now, and the rest is just more cookies in the basket.  There will be more to come, more discussions of further Circles, but this is where I pause for now.


Adorning Grace - Targetted CHA buff, +40CHA for 72 mana, all for 110 mana.  Great spell, especially in charming, plus it has some impact on mezzing still, though charisma isn't nearly as influential on mezzing as I once believed.

Allure - Charm upgrade, new cap of level 50 mobs.  This spell will use 245 mana to cast, and has durations just like the last 3 charms.  It just targets bigger stuff now--and takes 6 seconds to cast.   Research spell with Nitilims Grimoire pages 378 & 379.

Berzerker Spirit - Nice little quirk with the 49th spells; since they were made when 50th was as high as you could go, they all start capped out.  This one is a great example.  The upgrade to Rampage, it lends a 200HP Shield, +40STR, and -20AGI for a short duration (about 5 minutes), at a 3 second casting time.  There's a 12 second recast delay which really stinks, but with Shiftless Deeds slowing a mob down, it's ready to cast by the time it needs renewed usually.  More on that later.   This spell is basically Rune III, with a recast delay but no regent needed.   Amazing spell that will see tons of use.

Blanket of Forgetfulness - Targetted AE Memory Wipe, and the source of my absolutely favorite solo style now with Mr. Jerky.  (I'll explain later.)  I haven't had the amazing spell not blur anything yet, though reaggros still occur.   Used in conjunction with Mesmerization, I've had some real fun with this spell.   4 second casting time, 175 mana a shot, 12 second recast delay.

Dazzle - Upgrade to Entrance!  96 second mez, 125 mana to cast it, and a 5 second recast.  As a bounce at this level is chased by ae stuns almost exclusively, I see little impact from the recast delay.  Great spell, especially for hectic pulls where I'm mezzing everything around me for long periods of time.

Enchant Adamantite, Brellium, Mithril, Steel - I've bought the spells, but I haven't cast them yet.  Used for making enchanted items with Smithing, and each spell requires components.  Mithril needs a Blue Diamond, and I heard that Adamantite did, but I haven't used that one yet.  Adamantite is found in Neriak, Brellium in Akanon, Mithril in Felwithe, and Steel is in Qeynos, Freeport and Erudin.

Gasping Embrace - Finally receive our upgrade to Suffocate.   DD/DOT/Debuff... first the nuke hits for 50 (lower than Suffocate oddly), then the debuff is -49STR & AGI (caps at -50STR & AGI at 50th), followed by -33HP per tic for 20 tics.  After 2 full minutes, that's a total of 710 damage for 200 mana.   Efficient?  Hell yes.  Practical... not really--when fear kiting I use this, but hardly any other time.

Group Resist Magic - First group buff!   Grants +54MR (+55MR at 50th) to all group members standing close to you for 36 minutes for 200 mana, with a 6 second casting time.  Great spell, and should be used in all groups unless there is no chance of a caster being encountered.  I buff it still anyway just to stay in practice of doing it.

Illusion: Imp - This Luclin spell turns you into a levitating Imp, and grants 15 FR as well.  The faction hit appears to be the same as Werewolf, basically KoS to everything.  If someone wants to check on Solusek and the effect on the imps there, I'd appreciate any information.

Kintaz's Animation - The last animation until 55th.  If the 39th and 44th pet had you discouraged, brace for impact.  This pet is just amazing.   All blue summons at 49th every time, hitting for 44 to 52!   Yes, an 8 point jump in the max damage from 44th!  It triple hits steady, and scores many quad hits.  It may not have a zillion HP, but for some reason the animation finally learned how to stop getting hit so damned much!  It last much longer in battle now.   The 52 hitter is a 38th summon, leaving the level range at 34th to 38th.  300 mana to cast, 12 second casting time, 24 second recast delay.   The most amazing thing about this animation is not the damage output, not the survivability, not the improved level range.  It's taunting.  Drolvargs (very easy switching aggro) take Tashania, Shiftless Deeds, Discordant Mind, and Anarchy, all chain cast, without aggroing to me.  The taunting ability of this animation is staggering.  As a matter of fact, I haven't rooted a mob since I hit 49th during kamikaze-solo.  The new animation is "Mr. Jerky" giving props to the Jerky Boys.  All the crap upgrades 34th, 39th and 44th had reperations made for this little gem.  Staggering.

Paralyzing Earth - Root upgrade from Immobilize.  100 mana, 2.5 second casting time, 2.5 second recast.  Save checks are every 6 seconds still, but also the resist rate is lowered from Root or Enstill.   About the same as using Root on a mob with Tashani cast on it.  Has a maximum duration of 3 minutes, so actually a good spell when you need a mob seeing melee damage only to stand still.   (Read: Charm Solo)  Researched with Nitilims Grimoire pages 400 & 401.

Purify Mana - Last in the bottle mana series, sitting on page 37 with the others.  Needs a poison vial and 4 rubies to cast, which is why I haven't cast it.  No idea what the enchanted mana vial the spell produces is used for.

Reoccuring Amnesia - 3 second casting time, 24 second recast delay, 100 mana.  Single target repeated memory blur.  Appears to drop Memory Blur on your target each tic for 4 tics, or until the blur "takes".  You can buy this spell in South Qeynos down by the docks.

Shadow - Last targetted AC buff, +20AC before Defense factored in.   7 second casting time and 70 mana, very nice AC buff.

Swift Like the Wind - Here it is, the haste spell you've been waiting for.  60% haste, 16 minute duration, for 250 mana, with an 8 second casting time.   Amazing buff, taking a glance at the numbers.  49th animation can be safely said to swing 3.5 times per attack tic.  Over 20 attack tics (1 minute with 3 second delay) that 70 attacks.  After Swift Like the Wind, that jumps to 112 attacks, adding 42 attacks!  The attack delay of 3 seconds drops to 1.875 seconds now, which seems small (1.9 seconds from SLtW vs 2.0 seconds with Celerity) but over the course of 30 Celerity tics, SLtW has gained 3 seconds on Celerity, which is almost 2 full extra attack tics.  The mana increase is heavy, but haste is the most influential passive damage buff there is--you pay for improvements heavily.

Buffs-Solo - I keep up Clarity, Augmentation, Shadow, Arch Shielding, and Group Resist Magic if I'll encounter any casters at all.   Rune III still gets buffed when I'm out with Mr. Jerky, as it doesn't fade quickly like Berzerker Spirit.   When using charm-solo or mez-kiting, I also run with Adorning Grace up for the CHA boost.  Mr. Jerky has ordered me to buff him with the following:   Shadow, Swift Like the Wind, and Berzerker Spirit before each pull.  Mr. Jerky also slapped me around till I started carrying a Tinkerer's Pack full of rusty weapons for him.   He wanted a flashier weapon, suggesting my twink wizard's staff of writhing, but I drew the line there.  We're not speaking at the moment, till a compromise is reached.

Buffs-Group - Not a real brain-load here.   If they use mana, they get Clarity.  If they melee, they get Swift Like the Wind.   Brilliance and Insight those who need it when you can, and drop things like Gift of Magic for kickers if you get some downtime.  Boon of the Garou sees a lot of use by me in outdoor, low-mezzing groups, but I don't usually have the spell slot room inside when it's time to start flinging crowd control around.

Kamikaze-Solo - Dear lord.  I can't tell you how cool this has gotten with the addition of Mr. Jerky to the team makes this much more effective now.   You will see quad hits and good damage finally.  However, unlike necro and mage pets, the animation has a hard time hitting for full damage on mobs nearing it's level.  The ATK rating for the animation is lacking, resulting in much weaker hits on the average as AC of mobs gets increasingly higher.

Group-Dungeon - This is what makes the real enchanters.   Honestly, you've been ready for this since you hit 29th.  You've just got better tools to work with now.  As you will almost ALWAYS be in charge of nasty amounts of crowd control at this level, outside of mana and haste, you're going to be dumping tons of stuns, mezzes and charms.  Dazzle is your single-target weapon, Mesmerization is your area-effect lockdown, Charms are the savior of a heavy pull, and stun-locking is the glue that holds it all together, with a Root tossed in for good measure.  In a typical dungeon group my spell lineup is:  Color Skew, Color Shift, Color Flux, Root, Dazzle, Mesmerization, Tashania, and the swap slot.  If I find myself using AE Mez a lot, then Skew becomes whatever Charm I need.  Skew is just the plaster to finish out a stunlock.  Typically Flux/Shift is enough to get things under control quickly.

That's the end, for now everyone.  The feedbacks I've been getting are great, and you'll see some changes to the site from them!


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