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8th Circle (29-33)

Spell Lines

A yawning wind careened across the hillside, grasping briefly at the mystic robes of the koada`dal, snapping the weightless fabric across his pale, thin frame in gusts that pulse and receed as a river fighting to overcome its banks.  The rest of his party was pacing about nervously on the hill, waiting for the paladin to return from his scouting.  Across the sunburned sloped stood a massive fortress wall, standing as a testament to the giants in this mountain terrain against the elements trying to erode away this "Kunark" land Xornn found himself in.

A host of warcries sheered the howling winds and drew the attention of everyone gathered around the high elf, and in the distance, the daring paladin rushed from the mouth of the fortress screaming, "Incoming!  The giants are upon us!"   Three of the lumbering behometh's chewed the ground behind him, and the cleric looked at Xornn expectantly.

The high elf sighed.

Well done.  You have reached 29th level, and if requests for Breeze weren't enough to drive you to /roleplay, I'm sure Clarity will do the trick.

Augmentation - This is another haste spell (won't stack with others) but works a little differently.  For 90 mana (10 more than Quicken), you get an attack speed increase of up to 28%, +30 AGI, +9 AC (not counting the AGI raise), and Stamina regeneration.  The buff lasts for 27 minutes, and is basically Clarity for melee-types.  Amazing spell.  The haste effect is effectively Quickness that lasts for 27 minutes, plus a nice AC and AGI buff (AGI aids hit avoidance plus AC).   Many times I used this spell over Alacrity, especially when the groups were very tank-heavy, and Alacrity was proving just just be too much mana.  Many tanks will request this spell also, as the stamina regen is getting critical as the haste buffs drains that yellow bar and heavy weapons make stamina a precious commodity.

Clarify Mana - How's this for cool?  Another thicken mana spell that I have no idea what it's used for.

Clarity - You've worked long and hard, and you deserve this one.    Replenishes 6 mana per tic, which is just amazing.  7 mana/tic standing, 9 mana/tic sitting, and at 29th (maxxed Meditation) you get back 20 mana/tic!  70 mana and a 27 minute duration.  Beware the mindset you will encounter that this is what your purpose in a group is--it's just a perk.  Enchanters are capable of so much more, you can just stagger a group now with the power you bring to the table.

Curse of the Simple Mind - Targetted INT and WIS debuff.  Not terribly useful, though is often dropped in a duel on people, for it does affect their mana pools.  More importantly, this cheap debuff gives the message, "<target> looks stupid."  -20WIS -20INT cap at 48th.

Dyn's Dizzying Draught - This spell is Whirl Till You Hurl with some debuffing combined.  Spins target for up to 12 seconds (same duration, same save method meaning it breaks instantly when being fought in melee), -9AC -50Mana -30AGI at 29th, -15AC -50AGI cap at 49th.  150 mana to cast this spell, and it has a 35 second recast delay.  This spell is less used than the illusion of your own race.

Enstill - Upgrade to Root, 60 mana, lasts up to 96 seconds, and allows the mob a save every 6 seconds still.  Outside of that... the chance to save is the same, and the mob still gets a save every time hit by direct damage.  If you wish to drop Enstill, followed by a DOT, then this might be worth using... I've never messed with this spell yet, as the 2.5 second casting time makes it less useful when I need it--while trying to escape a mob.  Research spell with Velishouls Tome pages 75 & 76, or buy at Shaman guild.

Feedback - Targetted Damage Shield.  When target hit the attacker takes 11 points of damage.  Decent passive damage spell, which is very useful to throw on your pet when soloing (the damage the mob takes hitting your pet really adds up) and a great way to add some damage in a group if you have some spare mana.    Throw on the main meat-shield (the tank getting hit the most).  Also stacks with Illusion: Fire Elemental (netting 25 damage).  Research spell with Velishouls Tome pages 108 & 109 (faded).

Haunting Visage - Luclin spell which causes the recipient to generate extra aggro (percentage unknown at this time, but can be noticeable).  The spell lasts for about 3 tics, at 100 mana in 2 seconds, with a 24 second recast, so you have to mem it well before you intend to use it.

Illusion: Air Elemental - Grants Levitate, needing no Bat Wing.     Carries the KoS to guards.

Illusion: Water Elemental - Grants Enduring Breath, needing no Fish Scale.  KoS to guards.

Listless Power - Upgrade to Disempower.  Targetted debuff for -35STR -35AGI -18AC cap at 50th.

Nullify Magic - Cancel Magic upgrade.  Pretty much guaranteed to nail 2 buffs without fail every cast (casts at a 4 level bonus).  Research spell with Velishouls Tome page 67 & 68.

Obscure - Upgrade to Cloud.  Targetted AC Buff, capping at +14AC by 34th.

Suffocate - Upgrade to Choke.  DD for 34 damage, followed by DOT effect of 11 damage per tick for 18 tics (108 seconds), plus a debuff of -15STR -15AGI all for 100 mana at 29th level.  DD increases to 65 by 60th, and debuff to -20STR -20AGI by 38th.  The problem with this spell--takes too long.  1 minute and 48 seconds is a long time to wait for a DOT to do its job, and because of that, this spell sees limited use in reverse kiting yellow/red mobs, when it will do full damage, but most fights will not last 1 minute and 48 seconds, so Suffocate doesn't see a lot of use still.    Most fights last 1 minute tops, which is about 150 damage.  Just Chaos Flux if doing indirect help isn't keeping you happy.

Uleen's Animation - This animation I've done the most research with.  It varies from 20 damage max for a 21st level pet, to 28 max for a 25th level pet.  This mob Double Attacks, Dual Wields, Bashes, and Kicks.  With Augmentation or Alacrity, this pet is just amazing.  In order to make him dual wield, just hand him any one handed object that isn't restricted to primary hand (like a spear) and he'll start using it.  If you hand him a weapon with a delay below 26, then the graphic will change to the weapon (say a dagger) for both weapons.  Watching the hits will reveal it's still slashing and piercing.  If you want your pet to nothing but piercing, you must hand him two daggers.  I can tell you now, the delay or damage of the weapon you hand your pet makes no difference.  Your pet always attacks at 26 delay, even if you hand him a 17 delay weapon.  The only way damage would go up is if you hand him a weapon with a max damage of 29 or higher.  Proccing weapons used to proc against any mobs (even those not of the correct type) and very often, but since then this has been remedied.  Still, handing an enchanter pet 2 gnoll hide lariats (proc Stun) is pretty much hilarious.  He'll stun lock mobs for you.     However, that's way down the line when you can afford stuff like that to just give to your pet.  For now, just hand him any weapon.  I think daggers look cool, or rapiers look the best, but I often Clarity a magician in exchange for a Dimensional Pocket with 4 Daggers in it.   By the way, if you aren't used to the pattern by now, this animation requires 2 Tiny Daggers to cast.  The second weapon will add an extra attack to the "round" when it "procs", basically guaranteeing 2 swings per round (since it has double attack and dual wield now), and often getting it 3 swings now.

Ultravision - Targetted buff, grants the target Ultravision.     No more risking KoS with Illusion: Dark Elf, has a duration of 36 minutes.   (Research from Velishouls Tome pages 43 & 44, or can be purchased from the Gypsies in Oasis of Marr.)

Buffs-Solo - This is getting easy to figure out now.  I keep Clarity, Sympathetic Aura, Augmentation, Obscure, and Major Shielding on myself when soloing.  The first two increase my solo ability, and the last three raise my AC and/or HP higher.  My pet has Obscure, and either Alacrity or Augmentation.   When Kamikaze-Stun-Soloing, I use Alacrity for maximum attack speed increase.   When Kamikaze-Rooting (vs mobs that I can't stun, like giant class), I use Augmentation.  The attack speed increase is 10% less, but includes a large AC raise which I want when Mr. Ginsu is getting hit more.  (Mr. Ginsu was thusly named the first time I handed him 2 daggers.)

Buffs-Group - Clarity on all the casters.  Augmentation or Alacrity on all the tanks.  Augmentation doesn't need renewed all the time, but isn't near the haste of Alacrity--but in tank heavy groups, you might not have the mana for Augmentation.  Drop Strengthen on the tanks if someone else isn't doing so, and Obscure doesn't hurt, but at this level Clerics and Shamans not only have better buffs, but they are always in your group now.  If you just keep Clarity and Augmentation on the group, they'll love you.  [Note:  If the casters call for a Clarity at the same time a tank tells you haste is fading, always renew the haste first if in combat--it's more important to getting things dead.  If there's no combat, renew Clarity first, as the haste is just wasted duration when not fighting.]

Kamikaze-Solo - Other than choosing between Root- or Stun- Kamikaze, there's no change to the technique, except less downtime with Clarity, and Chaos Flux is hitting for a full 150 now.  I've made mention of chain-nuking previously, and it's usually necessary in the next spell rank--but it can have serious application at this level, too.  Spell Lineup:  Chaos Flux, Suffocate/Sanity Warp/Color Shift, Color Flux, Root, Enthrall, Tashani, Swap Slot

Reverse-Kite-Partner - Clarity makes it to where you can usually meditate back the mana used to Chase the Moon before the duration expires.  Suffocate is extremely mana efficient, especially combined with your pet.  You may have trouble getting druids to just DOT mobs (love you Rhedd), but if you can, you can drop yellow/reds without too much trouble, and only using half your mana each.  If dropping blues quickly, just get your pet in and fear them, maybe nuke once.  The mob will die, and very quickly.    You can usually drop three or four blue mobs in a row without pausing if you just meditate during the fearing.  There is another use to reverse-kiting blues now though, besides being absurdly safe, and good xp in a blue-heavy area; weapon skill raises.  You pet will maintain the aggro the whole time, so you can follow along practicing that One-Handed Blunt (which you will actually use with the Incandescent Wand--more on that in Group-Tactics).  Spell Lineup:  Chaos Flux, Suffocate, Color Flux, Root, Enthrall, Chase the Moon, Tashani, Swap Slot

Charm-Solo - Clarity gets you mana back faster for less down-time.     That's it.  As I said earlier, Charm-Solo changes very little.   If you must use Beguile, I recommend not memorizing your nuke, as it's only used to finish fights, when you'll have the mob mezzed or rooted and have time to open the spell book and get it.  Later you will be able to just lead with Color Shift to recharm, but you still don't channel well enough to try this yet reliably.  Spell Lineup:   Beguile, Color Shift, Color Flux, Root, Enthrall/Mesmerize, Tepid Deeds, Tashani, Swap Slot (Rune)

Group-Tactics - Remember the two roles you have?  That hasn't changed, though it should be redefined to three jobs you must be performing at all times to be a great enchanter:

  1. All extra mobs must remain controlled until ready to be killed.
  2. Mana regen and haste must remain on all applicable group members.
  3. All mobs receive Tashani, and either Tepid Deeds or Stun-Lock, when you have surplus mana.

Don't feel that if you're not debuffing mobs you aren't doing your job.  If they are only fighting one mob, it's because of you in all likelihood, so they won't complain if you don't jump in there.   If you have time, Tashani it.    If the fights are actually lasting awhile and you have some extra mana, Tepid Deeds it, or if it's the last mob of a series, Stun-Lock it.  Otherwise, meditate--no one ever complains when another mob pops in on a near dead group, you Enthrall it, and say, "Well, I've still got 50% mana.  Everyone med up and I'll hold it."

Spell Lineup:  Mesmerization, Color Shift, Color Flux, Root, Enthrall, Tepid Deeds, Tashani, Swap Slot (Beguile)

It's a real power-trip.  *grin*

And thus my guide has come not to an end, but to pause.  Honestly, you haven't needed this guide since the Sixth Circle.  From then on I'm only telling you what is obvious--use the upgrades to your big spell lines, and learn to fill your eight slots wisely.  Regardless of what path you choose to advance in, you have been shown the powers of the enchanter as they were meant to be used.  Master these powers wisely, and you will be hailed as a master-enchanter.  [Note:  Obviously I passed this rank long ago, but I leave this here for nostalgia.]

Xornn Mier'noen, Apprentice of the Eighth Circle


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