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Spell Lines

"Attack that one."  Xornn pointed at an aviak passing by them.

Jakonis stripped away the birdman's resistance as it rushed him, and quickly his enchanted animation was meleeing it.  A blue glow swirled about the creature for a moment and it's attacks became sluggish and predictable.  Soon after the creature was dead, and the apprentice's animation was in well-enough condition.  He was beaming with pride as he returned to his masters side, but quickly calmed his features as he stood before Xornn.

"Why didn't you mesmerize it first?" Xornn demanded.

"There was no need, it's wasted mana for one spell the animation will be just fine through," he answered calmly.

"Why an attack slow, why not our impressive arsenal of strength debilitation?" Xornn scolded.

"While I could reduce the birdthing to a weakened shell of itself, it would still be a hard fight for the animation; my attack slow gave my pet the best edge my mana could afford me," Jakonis was thinking the words as he spoke, rather than quoting his Master, and continued to answer Xornn's next question as well, "there's no need for further effects after the slow, it's all that was needed, and more is wasted mana."

Xornn hid a smile badly.  "Nonsense!  If you wish to afford your animation the best edge, your powers of color stuns should have been used!"

Jakonis smiled.  Not a happy, young man's smile, but a darker, knowing smile of someone in control of his world.  "Master, I couldn't let the animation have all the fun, could I?"

Xornn looked long and determined at his smiling apprentice, and his own cracking smile faded slowly.  Jakonis in turn began to look confused, wondering if he had overstepped his bounds.  "That is all, Jakonis, I am finished."  The young enchanter looked shocked for a moment--Xornn had never called him anything but apprentice, ever.  Xornn suddenly reached out and clasped Jakonis by the arm and hugged him.  "I've no more to teach you, brother."

With that, he released his embrace and teleported--to wherever it is Xornn goes when he's alone.

I've talked at length about the merits of various debuffs in the spell lines, and they will see specific mention in the Circles, but here, there is little to say.   Debuffing is one of the lowest priorities for an enchanter, and crowd control is the ultimate debuffing already.

  • MR Debuff
  • Attack Slow
  • Stunlocking

These are the three buffs worth casting in most situations, and a good enchanter will find the mana to use them in a group.  While other debuffs have their places, those times are exceptions to be discovered, not spent in long discourse on this site.  If you've been following this guide in order, then you're ready now.  There's nothing else I'm going to tell you now that will change how an enchanter is mastered.  The Circles will contain specific information about spells available, advice on Tactics at those levels, and other details not done justice by general description here in these Tactics.  Quests and Tradeskills will have nothing to do with leveling, added for the sake of convenience and tips.  Lastly is the Stories, which I invite you to submit to when you have tales of your own to regale.


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